Sale support services


Exclusive partner

(for market of the Slovak Republic)


Dealer / Reseller

(for market of the Slovak Republic)


Agent - Sales support

(for market of the Slovak Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic)


1, the basic idea:

Sale support for your company in the countries of European Union where our company will act as a collaborator of your company

2, our company will arrange at our expense:

- create a presentation of your company
- create a presentations of your products
- market research
- initial contact with companies already well-established in local markets (of course - all the companies contacted will hold, if necessary - licenses, permits and end-user certificates)
- Presentation of the basic requirements and conditions of your company for cooperation
- Our company process a comprehensive report for you about companies that have expressed interest in cooperation (name, address, contact, contact person, number of years on the market, ...)

3, the rewards of our society:

In this form of cooperation, our company will be remunerated by commission fee from the contracts made between your company and your new customers from the  European Union countries.

you pay only if you earn

4, your benefits:

- With this cooperation your company find partner witch provide you local marketing and sale support in Eastern Europe
without any cost.
- Saves you time, because the candidates will be already inform about your company, products and essential conditions for cooperation.
- Your company will receive a comprehensive report about possible candidates for cooperation.

we expect that the eventual success of our cooperation will be based on building mutual trust

5, service is available in the following countries:

Slovak Republic, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Czech Republic


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